How is collaboration with us according to our clients?

"We were incredibly fortunate to choose Lenses Films for our wedding film. Their work is extraordinary, full of amazing shots and atmosphere that perfectly capture the uniqueness of the day. We love the films they prepared for us, and thanks to capturing the emotions, we will always joyfully revisit that day. Viola and Tomek are not only excellent professionals who know how to guide the production to create a masterpiece, but also warm individuals who create a good atmosphere during collaboration. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a professional, experienced (and award-winning!!!) team to create a unique wedding film."


"A wonderful duo that 'reads' people and their needs. When I saw Lenses' portfolio, I immediately knew that THEY had to be with us on our wedding day. Incredible sensitivity, a sense of aesthetics, and excellent craftsmanship guarantee a wonderful memory of your day. On top of all that, Wiola and Tomek are simply great people who can relieve tension, whisper a kind word, and make you feel like real stars in front of their lens. Collaborating with Lenses Films was a pure pleasure. I'm glad we could have you at our wedding, and thank you for your work. Full professionalism in capturing emotions in every frame."


"Wiola and Tomek's films could easily be shown in a movie theater, standing out in no way from cinematic productions. They are fully professional - both in terms of effects and the process. They can capture emotions and feelings like no one else, yet they remain invisible and delicate. Lenses is a duo totally committed to what they do, and they are also very likable, creating a relaxed atmosphere during filming. Their great ideas and assistance in implementation make even shy individuals feel comfortable in front of the camera. Thank you for the beautiful memory of our most important day, and we wish every couple such an experience."


"If there's something to be said about us in 30 minutes, Wiola and Tomek did it the best. From the beginning, we emphasized that in our relationship there is more madness than touching moments, but they perfectly combined both. Watching our film, I was moved, laughed, and nostalgically recalled the most beautiful moments. Well-thought-out, not accidental shots, music, atmosphere - that's the shortest way I can describe the result of their work. Importantly, they work discreetly and precisely. I recommend them wholeheartedly."


"With a clear conscience, I can recommend Lenses! Wiola and Tomek are wonderful individuals with great talent. The collaboration with them went perfectly; during the wedding, they provided valuable advice and, above all, created a wonderful atmosphere, relieving all the tension. :) The film they created is excellent, capturing the most important moments and emotions that we couldn't notice on that day. Highly highly recommend!! :) :)"


I highly recommend the services of Lenses Films. Wonderful and professional people who created the most beautiful memory of our wedding. Both films are wonderful, containing everything that should be there. They are incredibly aesthetic and tastefully done. There's probably no one who doesn't get moved by them. Thank you again for such a beautiful memory, and we wholeheartedly recommend them to everyone!


"For us, having an excellent videographer and wedding photographer was crucial, so I was very selective in my search. I came across Lenses, and I knew I didn't want to look any further. What's more, I wasn't worried at all about the final result of their work; I knew it would be something extraordinary. Professionalism, subtlety, and above all, calmness - which is very important for the bride and groom and their families on such a nervous day. And the film and music videos, well, what can I say... I watch them every day for a week, and I haven't managed not to be moved. BEAUTIFUL!"


"Incredible, unique, artistic duo - Wiola and Tomek! They created a wonderful wedding memory for us that will stay with us forever! Watching the film brings tears to our eyes, and smiles never leave our faces... emotions, gestures, music - everything is well-chosen and captured perfectly. We wholeheartedly recommend them to everyone who dreams of a great, original, and emotional film!"